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Category: Compressors & Cylinders

There are three ways to fill your PCP airgun:


Hand Pump – Cheapest option but very labour intensive and pump will need regular maintenance. This option will give you a gym workout as it can take several hundred pumps, and each pump is not equal. Good rule is to do 40 pumps at 10 minute intervals and use full upward and downward motions to ensure the pump doesn’t overheat and burn O-rings.


Cylinder – Easy way of filling but will need a fill station to connect cylinder to gun. This option requires you to have your cylinder filled at a Dive/Airgun/ Paintball shop with an adequate compressor capable of filling larger volumes up to 300BAR.


Compressor – The easiest and most convenient way to fill your airgun but also loud & expensive. Takes a few minutes to fill your airgun depending on current pressure and the cylinder capacity of the airgun. 12V/ 220V options available – 12V option can be connected to your cars battery for convenience or connected to normal power. Compressors do require maintenance.


Please note that compressors are ONLY made to fill small cylinders attached to your gun. Compressors get warmer the longer you run them and will get to a point where it overheats and damages the O-rings on your piston. Good rule is to never run your compressor longer than 10 minutes at a time and give it adequate time to cool down before using again to ensure longevity.


In cases where compressors are damaged we do offer a repair service at a cost. (O-ring damage is not a factory fault and wont be repaired under warranty)


As a golden rule never shoot your regulated PCP air gun under the regulator pressure or under 100BAR for non- regulated airguns. This will ensure that no damage is caused to your airgun and filling time will be less.



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