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KRAL NO7W – Nitro Piston Turkish Walnut 5.5mm


Kral Nitro piston air rifle in Turkish Walnut. Available in 5.5mm fitted with Kral High power Nitro piston and Truglo open sights. Lightweight with plenty of power to hunt small game. Also fitted with a standard scope stopper, we recommend you fit the BSA Essential series of scopes to all Kral Nitro power guns.

This rifle is fitted with premium grade Turkish Walnut and is absolutely stunning!

Sold Out


  • Models

    Kral Air N-07

  • Calibre

    5.5 mm /.22 cal

  • Action

    Barrel Break

  • Stock

    Turkish Walnut Stock

  • Safety

    Manual Or Automatic

  • Powerplant

    Spring OR Gas Piston

  • Overall Length

    121 cm

  • Barrel Length

    45.5 cm / 18 inch

  • Weight

    3.40 kg

  • Rear Sight

    Adjustable ,Truglo Fiber Optic

  • Maximum Muzzle Velocity: 840fps
  • Muzzle Sight

    Truglo Fiber Optic


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