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MINI HIGH PRESSURE COMPRESSOR, 220V, 0-300 BAR, INCLUDES WATER PUMP, REQUIRES EXTERNAL COOLING(WATER RESERVOIR).G  Fill your PCP airgun yourself without the need of a scuba cylinder. This little lightweight weighs in at a mere 15kg and packs a hefty punch with its high pressure output. This unit is ultra portable, compact and safe to use. Say Cheerio to the local dive shop and their pressure tests forever, and say hello to non-stop shooting fun.

Fills a 500cc PCP air tank from 0 to 200bar in 8 minutes faster than you can blink!

*Please note that due to the nature of the product and not being able to control the use of the product, these items are not covered by warranty* Temperature control is very important*


Make sure you have the correct fittings all listed below.

* 220volt/50Hz

* Maximum pressure 300 bar

* Power consumption 1.8kw

* Motor speed 2800 RPM

* Air and water cooled

* Type -reciprocating compressor

* Oil lubricated (air supply not suitable for breathing)

* Air filtration device included

* Includes spare parts

* Includes a hose fitted with a quick coupler

* Includes one female adaptor for your PCP fill nipple


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