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Great products are offered by Samyang Big Bore and they will find that Samyang Big Bore 44 909 light hunter will give the best experience for hunting because of the light weight feature offered by this product.

The Samyang Big Bore 45 Ligth Hunter comes as pre-charged pneumatic or PCP air rifle.

It is able to make single shot and it comes with rifled barrel with diameter between 0.4516 inch and 0.4567 inch.

The Samyang Big Bore 909s Lite Hunter also features the bolt action as well as fixed front sight.

The rear side of Samyang Big Bore airguns is removable and adjustable so people will be able to get the best shooting experience.

From the Samyang Big Bore review, people will find that it comes with dual air chambers with total capacity of air 500 cc. The Samyang Big Bore 909s .45 cal also comes with maximum fill pressure at 3,000 psi. The Samyang Big Bore air rifle also comes with built-in manometer which has pressure gauge. People are able to use 11 mm scope rail but people only have to use compact scope. It also has right hand cheek piece which is raised.

Sold Out

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