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Category: C02 Air Rifles

C02 Air Rifles

Our online shop will remain open throughout the festive season but please note that the last delivery day for orders this year will be on the 14th of December 2023 & we will begin delivering new orders from the 9th of January 2024. 

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    Crosman 2240 Single shot bolt action CO2 powered pistol. Can be converted to a take down rifle using the optional shoulder stock.
    Caliber 5.5mm
    This is probably the worlds most sought after and collected CO2 pistols ever. Very popular among air gun collectors, hunters and plinkers. The 2240 refers to .22 caliber and the 40 the number of shots you can expect from one 12 gram CO2 cylinder. Search the internet and you will find the 2240 is also available in highly modified and tuned forms. All I can say is this is gun a cult. Are you in line to find out why? Convert  yours to a rifle now with the extra shoulder stock in our accessories list. 460 fps using 14.5 grain pellet.

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    Crosman 1077 in wood. This model brings style to one of my personal favorites. This rifles is one of the best family time builders, easy to load, shoot or plink. Ideal as a close range ratting and pest control rifle, due to the quick follow-up shots of the semi-auto action. Lots of spare mags and parts available at ridiculously low prices. Now with added style with a wooden stock.

    • Crosman 1077W Repeatair rifle
    • Uses 12-gram CO2 cartridges
    • 12rd rotary clip (which is inserted into a box magazine)
    • Rifled steel barrel
    • Fixed fiber optic front sight
    • Rear sight adjustable for windage and elevation
    • 11mm optics dovetail
    • Ambidextrous wood stock
    • Single-stage trigger
    • Double-action only
    • Manual safety
    • 625 fps max velocity*

    *Your box and owner’s manual may show a lower velocity, which Crosman states as “average velocity.” However, 625 fps is the max velocity with lead pellets. If you shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger, your velocity will be lower. Since CO2 is a refrigerant, you will receive somewhat fewer shots and lower velocities compared with waiting 5-10 seconds between shots. This applies to all CO2 guns

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    Crosman 1077 Semi Automatic CO2  Powered Air Rifle 12 Shot supplied with one magazine.

    The 1077 Crosman is a look alike of the famous Ruger 10/22. Take a look at all the similarities. The stock design, checkering, reciever curves, barrel band etc. This is a good training gun for those who will one day upgrade to the 10/22. Beware, it eats ammo when the shooter is not concerned with accuracy. Accuracy is adequate for plinking and the CO2 bulbs last quite long, roughly 36 shots/bulb. Velocity is around 625fps which is enough for small game and small birds.

    • Mechanism:  12 shot repeater
    • Caliber/Ammunition: .177 cal (4.5mm) lead airgun pellet
    • Magazine:  12 shot rotary
    • Weight:  1.68 kg
    • Length: 93.7 cm
    • Velocity: Up to 625 fps
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