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The hybrid version brings all the features of the basic booster and adds the ability to pressurize the air from bottle to bottle -B2B, even outside on the shooting range. You can fill up to 3x more bottles (airgun’s cartridges) by multiplying the air than just filling from the source bottle itself.

For more info about Hybrid Booster Unit read Info.

Filling time depends on the output of the driving compressor, more info in Performance.

Altaros compressor booster unit was developed and tested since 2011. The final version is tested over 5 years on a much bigger workload than on what is invented because we are using it daily for filling our airtanks on 300 bars.

Our Altaros compressor booster unit was designed for long service life while only minimum maintenance and service are needed.

The Hybrid version has the features of the ALTAROS booster and adds the possibility of fast filling from a bottle with less pressure even outside the home, regardless of the workshop compressor or electricity outlet, eg on the shooting range. You can fill up to 3x more bottles (airgun’s cartridges) from one source bottle than without it. Tested filling from a 3L bottle from 300 bar to 80 bar filled 8x 0.48L bottles from 200 to 250 bar.


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