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Baikal MP-512 Wooden stock Magnum spring powered air rifle. What do the T34, AK-47 and Makarov have in common? They are all as reliable as the the MP-512 Baikal. Strong,accurate and built to last when it comes to doing the job.

The Baikal MP512M (Magnum) spring powered air rifle combines power with size in one package. This rifle is a lot more compact in size than it’s bigger brother the model MP-513 and is therefore a lot easier to break the barrel. This feature is a bonus for the elderly and younger shooters that find it difficult to load the larger guns. This rifle offers more than enough power to be used as a hunting rifle for all small game. Published velocity is around     fps using a 14.5 grain pellet. Accurate,powerful,compact,low priced and reliable all that is needed in an air rifle.


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