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The “KOZAK” has been made by the ZBROIA® Company since December 2014 in Kharkov, Ukraine. It is a pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle. It is made in a semi bull pup configuration with an adjustable cheek piece that adjusts up to 15 mm. The main design criteria of this air gun was accuracy, quality, reliability and ergonomics. The weight of air gun is – 3,0 and 3,1 kg, the length – 710 and 805 mm, accordingly.

Sold Out

The steel barrel has 12 grooves, and is made by us. The ZBROIA`s barrel has a very effective integrated sound moderator. This air rifle has a build in regulator, which allows for very good shot to shot consistency.

The high pressure reservoir was designed by company specialists together with an external technology consultant. The working pressure of the reservoir, which is shown on manometer ZBROIA, is 300 Bar. Each reservoir is tested to 495 bar during production. The special and distinctive feature of the reservoir is the built-in regulator which ensures the shot to shop velocity is kept to within a 1% deviation. The regulator also helps endow the gun with an optimal air consumption. That is why, the full fill of the reservoir is enough for more than 60 shots in caliber 22’.

The reservoir is removable, it can be easily unscrewed by hand. The Picattinni / Weaver rail length is 180 mm, It is aligned with the body of air gun and allows easy installation of any optic scope.

PCP “KOZAK” comes with the two magazines of chamber type, the capacity of a magazine is 10 (.22’) pellets.

The forward lever makes cocking very ergonomic. This allows reloading of the rifle without the need to take your eyes from the target. The adjustable trigger is made from a high tensile steel. The safety mechanism prevents accidental shots. Trigger first stage length and second stage weight can be adjusted. To adjust the trigger, the action needs to be taken out of the stock. Quite a few of the quality fittings found on this gun are sourced from premier European manufacturers. The best springs and o-rings come from Europe; so that is what we use!

Because of ergonomics we modeled this gun as a ‘Bull Pup’. It has a beautiful adjustable stock (the cheek piece can be fine tuned for perfect height adjustment) and a pistol style handgrip. This configuration provides a good balance and weight. The filling port is conveniently located under the cap of manometer.

The set which goes together with this rifle includes two filling–adapters for filling the reservoir with an air bottle or a pump: a screw-threaded and a quick-detachable for a quick disconnect fitting.

This is our new up-dated model. We have retained the original gun’s unrivalled accuracy, balance and pointability. But; we have fine tuned this years model with some features that our customers suggested to us. For instance we have moved the safety catch to the trigger guard. We hope you enjoy the new aggressive styling that we have applied to the stock; but be rest assured the Kozak character has not been changed. This gun is supplied with one of the most accurate barrels in class. And of course we have retained the ‘No double load’ cocking lever.

ZBROIA are very proud of this rifle; we hope you enjoy shooting it as much as we have!

This is great value for the price. Quality is way above its price point. Company ZBROIA® provides unquestionable warranty for 24 month.


Name Model Total Length, mm Width, mm Height, mm Barrel Length, mm Reservoir Volume, cc Calibre, inch Magazine Capacity, pcs. Weight, kg Maximal Energy*, J
3 Kozak 550/290 930 52 188 550 290 .177
3.2 35


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