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Tested in the Bulldog with stellar results. This is a special custom boat tail only found in the NSA line of airgun pellets.  This is a well balanced slug that will provide great long range capability and devastating on game with it’s large hollow point.

Can be sized  .357 or .356

This slug is made in a .358 die but because it is so short of a body it does not engage all the way to the .358 portion of the die.  Therefore, this light of a slug can only be made as large as .357.  We plan to offer a little heavier version which should be able to be a full .358.

Bulldog size is up in the air, we get good results reported back with 356 or 357   If unsure, .357 in this slug is probably best choice especially since it has little rifling engagement. In this slug, because of it’s small rifling engagement area, we would recommend .357 for except the tightest of barrels.

Texan:  .357

Bulldog: .357

Recluse use .357

Length is 0.714″